“…the music is dramatic and colorful, requiring all sorts of novel saxophone sounds…high level of musicality in the playing…the musicianship of Duo Nuova is impeccable. McAllister’s tone is creamy, and his fingering and tonguing are impressive.”

Stephen Max American Record Guide

“This was a virtuosic performance by guest soloist Tim McAllister for whom it was written and whom Adams introduced as ‘the best saxophone player in the world today.’ Its angular, leaping melodic outbursts form a contrast to the other pieces on the program, but there are no extended techniques required, just amazing agility in the natural range of the instrument. Its two movements rely on tight rhythmic precision as it proceeds resolutely onwards through a myriad of polyrhythms, its jazz...

Heather Morris Santa Cruz Sentinel (Aug. 2014)

“Timothy McAllister brings his inimitable, classical sax playing to the stunning piano playing of Liz Ames here, where both minimalism and modernism fill the Latin, jazz, funk and theater nods across these daring 14 tracks…A very unique listen that embraces abstract pop moments as well as rich moments of dramatic swells, McAllister and Ames create a highly atypical version of contemporary classical sounds that requires repeated listens.”

Take Effect (February 2023)

“…McAllister performed solos crucial to the work’s flavor with brashness that never overpowered a beautifully rounded tone.”

Michael Rodman The Ann Arbor News

“Mead’s melodies are angular and supple, and McAllister renders them with a lyrical modern touch. Steady Study on the Boogie…is a fascinating piece, and McAllister plays it beautifully.”

Steve Hicken American Record Guide - Review of Scena

“…the playing by the LSO is first-rate in the three concertos, their experience of Fuchs’s style from four previous albums (recorded between 2004 and 2014; this newcomer was set down in August 2017) showing. The concertos are all very different in format…Rush is a rather Bernsteinian diptych for alto saxophone with a punchy, roof-raising final passacaglia…soloists are exemplary. Naxos’s sound is terrific.”

Guy Rickards Gramophone, October 2018

“One of America’s bright young stars in teaching and in performing…exceptionally gifted.”

Michael Segell Award-Winning Author and Contributing Editor, Esquire Magazine