“John Adams’ new concerto has an appealing blend of bright colours and astringency. Saxophonist Timothy McAllister was the outstanding soloist, channelling Stan Getz in the smooth lyrical passages. In the relentless, bebop-like figurations - stunningly executed - it recalled the frenetic solos of Charlie Parker, Cannonball Adderley and John Coltrane”

Murray Black The Australian, Aug 2013

“4 out of 5 stars–the saxophone concerto is playfully smoochy…Adams demonstrates how well he understands the instrument, and McAllister how well he can play it…”

Andrew Clark The Financial Times (UK) (June 2014)

“Adams wrote the piece in 2013 for Tim McAllister who Adams called ‘the best sax player in the world.’ From the very beginning the saxophone unleashed a barrage of notes. A few pauses gave everyone a chance to breathe but the orchestra often took up the same flurry of notes so only McAllister got a chance to catch his breath…there is no doubt that the main point of the piece was virtuosity. In spite of all the pyrotechnics, McAllister’s tone quality was beautiful with a well-modulated...

Don Adkins Performing Arts Monterey Bay (Aug. 2014)

“this array of talented composers born between 1953 (Marianne Ploger) and 1996 (Zoe Cutler), all rising to the occasion in different but satisfying ways. I don’t imagine I will encounter a saxophone recital exhibiting as much imaginative fun for a long time. The recorded sound is exemplary.”

Huntley Dent FANFARE Magazine (June 2023)

“Adams’s Saxophone Concerto was brought about by the stimulus of an extraordinary musician. Timothy McAllister’s seemingly effortless handling of the “City Noir” solos…determined Adams to write a concerto for him in that style…The playing of McAllister is a wonder to hear, and the performances by Robertson and company set the standard for these works…”

Ronald Grames FANFARE Magazine (Nov/Dec 2014 issue)

“hypnotically swirling lines and propulsive rhythms…brilliantly performed by all concerned and recorded with life-like fidelity.”

FANFARE Magazine FANFARE Magazine

“an absolute master of the saxophone, and a composer’s dream musician!”

Jennifer Higdon GRAMMY-winning composer and Pulitzer Prize Laureate

Errollyn Wallen

A new concerto for alto saxophone and orchestra coming for 2026-2027 by renowned UK composer, Errollyn Wallen! More details and information soon! If you would like information on the consortium, contact Martha Woods (info below).

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