“Handling the extensive saxophone solos was guest musician Timothy McAllister, who performed the work’s world premiere and who was brought in at Adams’ request. Although seated in the middle of the orchestra, he stood for the solos and played the jazz-inspired riffs in a nervy, improvisatory style, a highlight of what was a fine performance.”

David Fleshler The Miami Herald/South Florida Classical Review

“I have great admiration for your great talent…I have been very impressed by your masterful technique, by the simplicity of your playing, by your musical intelligence, by the perfect presentation…”

Jean-Marie Londeix Legendary Saxophonist, Conservatoire National de Bourdeaux

“this array of talented composers born between 1953 (Marianne Ploger) and 1996 (Zoe Cutler), all rising to the occasion in different but satisfying ways. I don’t imagine I will encounter a saxophone recital exhibiting as much imaginative fun for a long time. The recorded sound is exemplary.”

Huntley Dent FANFARE Magazine (June 2023)

“Timothy McAllister delivers unusually pure and sweet tone in the cadenzas of Rush, the alto saxophone concerto. Faletta shows a clear affinity throughout for Fuchs’s warm, spacious, neo-Romantic idiom, and the LSO responds with lush yet pristine playing.”

Joshua Rosenblum Opera News (February 2019)

“McAllister and Goodson have teamed up to present a meticulously performed CD of new music with balance and precision of ensemble rapport, while their musical approach allows the music to sing and move forward effortlessly from the first note through the last note. In Transit does indeed move the listener, with both musical and emotional energy.”

Frank Bongiorno The Saxophone Journal

“…breathtaking and spectacular…a revolution displayed in the hands of an artist…”

Donald Sinta Earl V. Moore Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Saxophone, The University of Michigan

“a titan of contemporary music and the instrument in general”

Zachary Lewis The Plain Dealer, Cleveland (10/7/14)

Vincent Ho

Whimsical Concerto of Fanciful Birds (2023)
I. Enchanted Migrations
II. Angels and Mockingbirds
III. Urban Birds

Premiered by Tim McAllister and the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra, this concerto represents the culmination of the composer’s years of writing for saxophone, namely in the series “Whimsical Sketches of Fanciful Birds, Books 1-3” for alto saxophone and piano. This series are a collection of fifteen works that explore various bird-like or bird-inspired sounds that could be created on the saxophone instrument. After writing this collection (with the possibility of more to come), the inevitable next step was to adapt many of these musical ideas into a large-scale concerto. To fully capture the spirit of the avian world Ho envisioned, it was decided to score it for solo alto saxophone, orchestra, and spatialized saxophone ensemble–a collective of saxophonists placed in various areas of the concert hall surrounding the audience (eg. loges, balconies, aisles, etc) to serve as the “flock of birds” accompanying the soloist and orchestra while creating an immersive sonic experience for the audience.


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