“…immense excellence…while the compositions themselves were reason enough to find great enjoyment in the presentation, it was the way that the duo played their respective instruments that enamored me…wholly in tune with the music, unbridled joy and passion.”

Aaron Barrow The Daily Mississippian (3/24/24)

“…breathtaking and spectacular…a revolution displayed in the hands of an artist…”

Donald Sinta Earl V. Moore Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Saxophone, The University of Michigan

“a mature, polished performer…whose dynamic and color contrasts enhance his ability to communicate - Bravo!”

Leone Buyse Former Associate Principal Flute, Boston Symphony Orchestra

“Mead’s melodies are angular and supple, and McAllister renders them with a lyrical modern touch. Steady Study on the Boogie…is a fascinating piece, and McAllister plays it beautifully.”

Steve Hicken American Record Guide - Review of Scena

“fantastic virtuosity and lyric beauty”

John Corigliano Pulitzer Prize Laureate, Grammy, and Oscar-winning composer

“Couched in Adams’ latter-day style in which fractured rhythms and thematic units exist within a potent stream of pulsation, the Saxophone Concerto also draws upon jazz influences, its soloist tumbling this way and that in pseudo-improvisatory vein…McAllister, a phenomenal technician, played it all smoothly, with classical restraint…Robertson and the St. Louis Symphony excelled in the mysteriously dappled, feinting and jabbing accompaniment.”

Tim Mangan The Orange County Register (1/28/16)

“The pieces performed by McAllister, in tandem with the talented pianist Liz Ames, stand out for their melodic inventiveness and liveliness and rhythmic intensity. In most cases, the authors summoned here draw liberally from extra-cultured music - jazz primarily, but also funk, rock and even Balkan music -, mixing classical, contemporary and vernacular languages with imagination and consistency…a beautiful and exhilarating CD.”

Filippo Focosi Kathodik - Italy (May 2023)

Vincent Ho

Whimsical Concerto of Fanciful Birds (2023)
I. Enchanted Migrations
II. Angels and Mockingbirds
III. Urban Birds

Premiered by Tim McAllister and the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra, this concerto represents the culmination of the composer’s years of writing for saxophone, namely in the series “Whimsical Sketches of Fanciful Birds, Books 1-3” for alto saxophone and piano. This series are a collection of fifteen works that explore various bird-like or bird-inspired sounds that could be created on the saxophone instrument. After writing this collection (with the possibility of more to come), the inevitable next step was to adapt many of these musical ideas into a large-scale concerto. To fully capture the spirit of the avian world Ho envisioned, it was decided to score it for solo alto saxophone, orchestra, and spatialized saxophone ensemble–a collective of saxophonists placed in various areas of the concert hall surrounding the audience (eg. loges, balconies, aisles, etc) to serve as the “flock of birds” accompanying the soloist and orchestra while creating an immersive sonic experience for the audience.


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