“Paul Creston’s Saxophone Concerto (1941) runs the gamut of moods from the dramatic and lyrical to the bright and breezy, often within the same movement. Better known through its 1963 wind-band arrangement, I find the orchestral original more attractive, though Timothy McAllister would be a persuasive advocate in any format.”

Guy Rickards Gramophone Magazine (March 2024)

“There is nothing dull in these pages: plenty of beguiling tunes and fetching harmonies, especially in the more relaxed passages. Timothy McAllister’s playing is perfectly judged and emotionally diverse, ranging from humour to profound reflection.”

John France MusicWeb International (January 2024)

“Creston explores a wide range of emotions and technical demands for the saxophonist throughout the piece. The saxophonist Timothy McAllister plays in all aspects in a more than satisfactory way. He is at his ease in the short, staccato notes but also delivers notable melodious lines in the second movement. The final movement introduces a lively and playful character, demonstrating Mr. McAllister’s agility and virtuosity well.”

Giorgio Koukl EarRelevant (December 2023)

“an absolute master of the saxophone, and a composer’s dream musician!”

Jennifer Higdon GRAMMY-winning composer and Pulitzer Prize Laureate

REVIEW: Gorgeous Tyshawn Sorey and Thomas Adès concerto double-bill at Lucerne Festival”
“…Sorey’s writing for the solo sax establishes whole another brand of virtuosity, one wrought of long lines, where each note is given its singular identity; a procedure akin to the playing of the concerto’s dedicatee as well as the tintinnabulations of...

Jari Kallio AIM-Adventures in Music (August 2022)

“The world premiere ‘Adagio (For Wadada Leo Smith)’ by the artiste etoile Tyshawn Sorey brings a meditative contrast. Together with the saxophonist Timothy McAllister, the musicians paint broad lines, delving into the mysteries of sound. The plucking strings are falling drops of water that always sound different. The mixture of bass clarinet, trombones, and string basses - a hum that resonates inside us.”

Roman Kuhne Luzerner Zeitung (August 2022)

“He gave the piece the knockout performance it deserved…[McAllister] gave a fluent demonstration of what his instrument –all his instruments–can do. He tore his way nimbly through intricate passagework, shaped lyrical melodies with the grace of an opera singer, and gave the piece all the theatrical panache it wanted.”

J.Kosman [John Corigliano's 'Triathlon' - world premiere with the San Francisco Symphony] San Francisco Chronicle

[“SLSO fires on all cylinders with creative concert featuring ‘Bolero’”]
On Connesson’s ‘A Kind of Trane’: “Much of it sounded like dazzling improvisation…complete mastery of every nuance of phrase and melody”

John Huxhold St. Louis Post-Dispatch (3/6/20)

“Connesson knows how to be lyrical and expressive beyond the sentimentalism of John Adams. The audience, left breathless by the astounding virtuosity of Timothy McAllister, cheered on the composer who will see his work recorded for Deutsche Grammophon with the same performers.”

Bertrand Hainut DIAPASON Magazine (France)

“Adams’ new Saxophone Concerto, which had its first local performance with Timothy McAllister as the extravagantly focused soloist, marks a wonderfully important addition to the repertoire. Much of it comes at the listener in fast, breathless waves, like a cross between a Romantic concerto and a Charlie Parker solo; the contrasting episodes sustain a lustrous, debonair edge” Link to...

Joshua Kosman San Francisco Chronicle (2/1/16)

Full Repertoire List

*Dedicated to Tim McAllister
+Commissioning Opportunity

John Adams: Saxophone Concerto *
Courtney Bryan: Carmen Jazz Suite, for soprano saxophone and chamber orchestra
Guillaume Connesson: A Kind of Trane, for soprano/alto saxophone and orchestra
John Corigliano: Triathlon, for Saxophonist and Orchestra *
Viet Cuong: new commission for 2026/27 +
Avner Dorman: Saxophone Concerto
Kenneth Fuchs: Eventide, for alto saxophone and chamber orchestra *
Kenneth Fuchs: Rush, for alto saxophone and orchestra^
Adolphus Hailstork: Concerto for Alto Saxophone for 2025/26 (string orchestra) *
Jennifer Higdon: Soprano Saxophone Concerto (chamber orchestra)
Vincent Ho: Whimsical Concerto of Fanciful Birds *
James Lee III: new commission for 2026/27 +
Zhou Long: Temple Buglar, for soprano saxophone and orchestra
Steven Mackey: new commission for 2025/26 +
Jorge Muniz: Motown Dreams, concerto for alto saxophone and orchestra *
Augusta Read Thomas: Prisms of Light, for alto saxophone and orchestra^
Tyshawn Sorey: Adagio (For Leo Wadada Smith) for alto saxophone and orchestra *
Errollyn Wallen: new commission for 2026/27 +

Additional/Special Features
Claude Debussy: Rhapsodie, for alto saxophone and orchestra
Paul Creston: Concerto, Op. 26 for alto saxophone and orchestra
Roshanne Etezady: Golden Spike, for soprano saxophone and orchestra *
Alexander Glazunov: Concerto in Eb, Op. 109, for alto saxophone and strings
Jacques Ibert: Concertino da Camera, for alto saxophone and chamber orchestra
Erwin Schulhoff: Jazz Concerto (Hot-Sonate), for alto saxophone, winds and percussion
William Grant Still: Romance, for alto saxophone and orchestra
John Williams: Escapades, from “Catch Me If You Can” for alto saxophone and orchestra

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