[“SLSO fires on all cylinders with creative concert featuring ‘Bolero’”]
On Connesson’s ‘A Kind of Trane’: “Much of it sounded like dazzling improvisation…complete mastery of every nuance of phrase and melody”

John Huxhold St. Louis Post-Dispatch (3/6/20)

“McAllister’s evocative renditions and virtuoso artistry throughout the CD [SCENA] enables the music, as well as the saxophone, to transcend the potential pitfalls inherent in an ambitious project of this nature and allow the listener to be embraced by the musical challenges presented for both performer and listener…an excellent CD in both performance and composition of music.”

Frank Bongiorno The Saxophone Symposium

“Adams imparts a lighter touch to the orchestration to support the solo alto saxophone’s sinewy lines, played with wondrous dexterity by Timothy McAllister”

Pwyll ap Sion GRAMOPHONE Magazine (Aug. 2014)

“Chambers’ Come Down Heavy! …a tour de force that tested the upper sonic limits in wild and woolly playing by Timothy McAllister on alto sax…”

John Fleming St. Petersburg Times

“Top Classical Saxophone Recordings - Timothy McAllister (Scena and Visions)”

Mark Stryker Detroit Free Press, October 2000

“Adams wrote the piece in 2013 for Tim McAllister who Adams called ‘the best sax player in the world.’ From the very beginning the saxophone unleashed a barrage of notes. A few pauses gave everyone a chance to breathe but the orchestra often took up the same flurry of notes so only McAllister got a chance to catch his breath…there is no doubt that the main point of the piece was virtuosity. In spite of all the pyrotechnics, McAllister’s tone quality was beautiful with a well-modulated...

Don Adkins Performing Arts Monterey Bay (Aug. 2014)

“4 out of 5 stars–the saxophone concerto is playfully smoochy…Adams demonstrates how well he understands the instrument, and McAllister how well he can play it…”

Andrew Clark The Financial Times (UK) (June 2014)

Viet Cuong

A new concerto for alto saxophone and orchestra coming 2026-2027 Season! More details soon! If you are interested in joining the consortium, contact Martha Woods (info below).

Photo: Aaron Jay Young

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