“This was a virtuosic performance by guest soloist Tim McAllister for whom it was written and whom Adams introduced as ‘the best saxophone player in the world today.’ Its angular, leaping melodic outbursts form a contrast to the other pieces on the program, but there are no extended techniques required, just amazing agility in the natural range of the instrument. Its two movements rely on tight rhythmic precision as it proceeds resolutely onwards through a myriad of polyrhythms, its jazz...

Heather Morris Santa Cruz Sentinel (Aug. 2014)

“the saxophone concerto that accompanies City Noir carries bebop in its DNA, and soloist Timothy McAllister is simply outstanding.”

Anastasia Tsioulcas NPR Music's 25 Favorite Albums of 2014 (So Far)

“McAllister precisely conveyed the mood of every stylistic alley into which Bolcom peered. His saxophone delivered dialogue, as well as notes, as he brought his own experiences to Bolcom’s hodgepodge of a musical canvas…the arrangement of John Williams’ Catch Me If You Can score gives plenty of opportunity to display his technical wizardry and dynamic control.”

Gregory Sullivan Isaacs Critic, Theater Jones: Arts News in North Texas

“McAllister is at the center of what’s probably the most mainstream classical saxophone disc of the decade - John Adams’ City Noir and Saxophone Concerto on Nonesuch”

David Patrick Stearns The Philadelphia Inquirer (April 2014)

“No doubt this disc will be much studied and admired by saxophonists and certainly deserves hearing among a still wider audience…remarkably good and thought provoking”

Robert McColley Fanfare Magazine - Review of Visions

“a titan of contemporary music and the instrument in general”

Zachary Lewis The Plain Dealer, Cleveland (10/7/14)

“He gave the piece the knockout performance it deserved…[McAllister] gave a fluent demonstration of what his instrument –all his instruments–can do. He tore his way nimbly through intricate passagework, shaped lyrical melodies with the grace of an opera singer, and gave the piece all the theatrical panache it wanted.”

J.Kosman [John Corigliano's 'Triathlon' - world premiere with the San Francisco Symphony] San Francisco Chronicle

Viet Cuong

A new concerto for alto saxophone and orchestra coming 2026-2027 Season! More details soon! If you are interested in joining the consortium, contact Martha Woods (info below).

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