“Fuchs’s concerto, Rush, allows for some of the more rhapsodic style for the beautiful beginning movement which also sets up the primary material for the work. With excellent virtuosic writing, Fuchs shifts between jazz and classical worlds. Blues injections connect to the former while a later passacaglia blends the two worlds. McAllister is matched well for this work and makes it really shine from its gorgeous lyricism to its more exciting technical requirements.”

Stephen A. Kennedy Cinemusical (October 2018)

“…McAllister performed solos crucial to the work’s flavor with brashness that never overpowered a beautifully rounded tone.”

Michael Rodman The Ann Arbor News

“Couched in Adams’ latter-day style in which fractured rhythms and thematic units exist within a potent stream of pulsation, the Saxophone Concerto also draws upon jazz influences, its soloist tumbling this way and that in pseudo-improvisatory vein…McAllister, a phenomenal technician, played it all smoothly, with classical restraint…Robertson and the St. Louis Symphony excelled in the mysteriously dappled, feinting and jabbing accompaniment.”

Tim Mangan The Orange County Register (1/28/16)

“The world premiere ‘Adagio (For Wadada Leo Smith)’ by the artiste etoile Tyshawn Sorey brings a meditative contrast. Together with the saxophonist Timothy McAllister, the musicians paint broad lines, delving into the mysteries of sound. The plucking strings are falling drops of water that always sound different. The mixture of bass clarinet, trombones, and string basses - a hum that resonates inside us.”

Roman Kuhne Luzerner Zeitung (August 2022)

“Timothy McAllister, the saxophonist virtuoso for whom this concerto was written, performed with amazing fluency, combining crisp rhythmic energy with infectious, stylish phrasing. Jazz influences, appropriate to the instrument, are often just below the surface. Moody sections, reminiscent of a film noir score, are particularly effective. This is certainly one of the most original and successful concertos written for any instrument in recent decades.”

Rick Walters Express Milwaukee (April 2, 2014)

“Dudamel led a bracing, propulsive performance with instrumental lines clear even in Adams’ most riotous contrapuntal moments. The L.A. Phil members covered themselves in glory with outstanding contributions…especially, Timothy McAllister’s evocative and bravura alto sax playing.”

Lawrence A. Johnson The Classical Review

“a mature, polished performer…whose dynamic and color contrasts enhance his ability to communicate - Bravo!”

Leone Buyse Former Associate Principal Flute, Boston Symphony Orchestra

Adolphus Hailstork

Saxophone Concerto (2024) for alto saxophone and string orchestra

Dedicated to Timothy McAllister and commissioned by Gail Straith and the Michigan Orchestra Repertoire for Equity (MORE) Fund, this new concerto by acclaimed composer Adolphus Hailstork receives its World Premiere in Ann Arbor on February 2, 2025 with the University Symphony Orchestra under Kenneth Kiesler and its co-premiere and recording for NAXOS under JoAnn Falletta and the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra on May 30, 2025.


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