[“SLSO fires on all cylinders with creative concert featuring ‘Bolero’”]
On Connesson’s ‘A Kind of Trane’: “Much of it sounded like dazzling improvisation…complete mastery of every nuance of phrase and melody”

John Huxhold St. Louis Post-Dispatch (3/6/20)

“Adams imparts a lighter touch to the orchestration to support the solo alto saxophone’s sinewy lines, played with wondrous dexterity by Timothy McAllister”

Pwyll ap Sion GRAMOPHONE Magazine (Aug. 2014)

“He gave the piece the knockout performance it deserved…[McAllister] gave a fluent demonstration of what his instrument –all his instruments–can do. He tore his way nimbly through intricate passagework, shaped lyrical melodies with the grace of an opera singer, and gave the piece all the theatrical panache it wanted.”

J.Kosman [John Corigliano's 'Triathlon' - world premiere with the San Francisco Symphony] San Francisco Chronicle

“McAllister is at the center of what’s probably the most mainstream classical saxophone disc of the decade - John Adams’ City Noir and Saxophone Concerto on Nonesuch”

David Patrick Stearns The Philadelphia Inquirer (April 2014)

“McAllister and Goodson have teamed up to present a meticulously performed CD of new music with balance and precision of ensemble rapport, while their musical approach allows the music to sing and move forward effortlessly from the first note through the last note. In Transit does indeed move the listener, with both musical and emotional energy.”

Frank Bongiorno The Saxophone Journal

“Creston explores a wide range of emotions and technical demands for the saxophonist throughout the piece. The saxophonist Timothy McAllister plays in all aspects in a more than satisfactory way. He is at his ease in the short, staccato notes but also delivers notable melodious lines in the second movement. The final movement introduces a lively and playful character, demonstrating Mr. McAllister’s agility and virtuosity well.”

Giorgio Koukl EarRelevant (December 2023)

“expertly written for the brilliant Timothy McAllister, and the music has the infectious, irresistible energy [Adams] generates so convincingly…”

Andrew Clements The Guardian (UK) (6/4/14)

Adolphus Hailstork

Saxophone Concerto (2024) for alto saxophone and string orchestra

Dedicated to Timothy McAllister and commissioned by Gail Straith and the Michigan Orchestra Repertoire for Equity (MORE) Fund, this new concerto by acclaimed composer Adolphus Hailstork receives its World Premiere in Ann Arbor on February 2, 2025 with the University Symphony Orchestra under Kenneth Kiesler and its co-premiere and recording for NAXOS under JoAnn Falletta and the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra on May 30, 2025.


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